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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms M, page 4

Idioms M, page 4:  from:   'meat in sandwich'   to:   'method in madness'

  • the meat in the sandwich
    • To say that someone is the meat in the sandwich means that they are in an awkward situation, caught between two people or groups who are arguing.
      "As a child I was the meat in the sandwich when my parents argued."

  • meet (or find) your match
    • If you meet or find your match, you encounter someone who is equal to you in skills or abilities.
      "Barry is an excellent tennis player, but he met his match in William."

  • (a) matter of time
    • If you say that it is only or just a matter of time before (or until) something happens, it is certain to happen or will inevitably take place, although you do not know when.
      "Restrictive measures will have to be introduced. It's just a matter of time."

  • for that matter
    • This term is used to add something that is also true.
      "She refuses to fly, and she won't travel by train either for that matter."

  • mean business
    • If someone means business, they are serious about what they announce.
      "The boss says that in future any missing material will be reported to the police, and he looks as though he means business."

  • a taste of your own medicine
    • If you give someonea taste of their own medicine, you treat them in the same unpleasant way that they have treated you.
      "People who always late should be given a taste of their own medicine."

  • meet a deadline
    • If you meet a deadline, you finish or complete something at the time or by a date previously agreed.
      "Working under pressure to meet a deadline can be motivating."

  • meet someone's expectations
    • If someone or something meets your expectations  it has the qualities you expected or hoped for.
      "We were disappointed. The new restaurant didn’t meet our expectations."

  • meet someone's eye(s)
    • If you look straight at someone when you know they are looking at you, you meet their eyes.
      "Mark was afraid to meet my eyes because he knew I was disappointed."

  • meet halfway
    • If you meet someone half way, you accept to make a compromise and give them part of what they are trying to obtain.
      "We can't agree to all your conditions but we could perhaps agree to meet halfway."

  • meet (something) head-on
    • If you meet something head-on, you confront or deal with something in a straightforward manner.
      "I’m nervous about the interview but it’s a challenge I’ll have to meet head-on."

  • meet your maker
    • This expression is used to say (often humorously) that someone has died.
      "Poor old Mr. Potter has gone to meet his maker."

  • meet one's match
    • If you meet your match  you meet someone who is as good as you, or even better, at doing something.
      "Alex thought he was the best chess player but he met his match in Tom."

  • meet a standard
    • If something meets a standard, it achieves a certain level of quality or performance
      "The prototype was rejected because it did not meet our standards."

  • meet-and-greet
    • This term refers to a reception (often informal) where a public figure or important person can introduce themselves and talk to the guests.
      "The new mayor is going to schedule a meet-and-greet reception for the residents."

  • megaphone diplomacy
    • If the media, through press releases, interviews and announcements, is instrumental in facilitating dialogue between two or more countries, this is called megaphone diplomacy.
      "The leader decided to use megaphone diplomacy in order to communicate with the world, including his opponents."

  • memory/brain like a sieve
    • Someone who has a memory (or brain) like a sieve has a very bad memory and forgets things easily.
      "Oh, I forgot to buy the bread - I've got a brain like a sieve these days!"

  • (your) memory serves you well
    • If your memory serves you well, you remember correctly or you have not forgotten any details.
      "You're Stella's daughter, if my memory serves me well."

  • trip down memory lane
    • If you take a trip (stroll or walk) down memory lane, you remember pleasant things that happened in the past.
      "Every Christmas is a trip down memory lane for the family when our parents take out the photograph albums."

  • on the mend
    • Someone who is on the mend is recovering after an illness or injury.
      "My grandmother hasn't been very well lately but she's on the mend now."

  • method in (your) madness
    • This expression means that someone's behaviour is not as irrational as it seems.
      "He's efficient despite his strange way of working; there's method in his madness!"

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