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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms M, page 6

Idioms M, page 6:  from:   'gone out of their mind'   to:   'mix business with pleasure'

  • have you gone out of your mind?
    • If you ask someone if they have gone out of their mind, you think they are crazy, foolish or insane.
      "You're going to ask for a 100% salary increase? Have you gone out of your mind?"

  • mind your own business!
    • Telling someone to mind their own business is a (rude) way of saying that they are too interested in what others are doing, or that they are interfering in something that does not concern them.
      "Don't tell me what to do - just mind your own business!"

  • mind/watch your language
    • This is said to warn someone to be careful what they say so as not to upset or offend anyone.
      "Your grandfather doesn't tolerate rudeness, so mind your language when we go to visit him!"

  • mind your Ps and Qs
    • If you tell someone to mind their Ps and Qs, you are advising them to be careful about how they behave and what they say.
      "Politeness is very important to my grandparents, so mind your Ps and Qs."

  • in your mind's eye
    • If you can visualise something, or see an image of it in your mind, you see it in your mind's eye.
      "I can see the village in my mind's eye but I can't remember the name."

  • in two minds
    • If you are in two minds about something, you have difficulty deciding what to do.
      "I'm in two minds about whether or not to accept the offer."

  • (not) in your right mind
    • To say that someone is not in their right mind means that they are not behaving in a logical or sensible way.
      "Emily wasn't in her right mind the day she bought that outfit. It doesn't suit her at all!"

  • (have a) one-track mind
    • If you have a one-track mind, you have a tendency to think about only one subject.
      "The boy has a one-track mind; all he thinks about is football!"

  • speak your mind
    • If you speak your mind you express your opinion very frankly.
      "Harry always speaks his mind but he's not always very diplomatic!"

  • in mint condition
    • Something that is in mint condition is in such perfect condition that it looks new or as good as new.
      "The car is 10 years old but according to Tom it's in mint condition."

  • miss the boat
    • If you miss the boat, you fail to take advantage of an opportunity because you don't act quickly enough.
      "I managed to get my order through before the end of the special offer - but I nearly missed the boat!"

  • miss the point
    • If you miss the point you fail to understand the essential part of what has been said.
      "Sam missed the point. It's not the job that's the problem, it's the amount of work it involves for one person."

  • (not) miss a trick
    • If a person never misses a trick, they are very alert and aware of everything that is happening around them.
      "The old lady next door will know if Bill is there or not - she never misses a trick!"

  • mix business with pleasure
    • When people mix business with pleasure, they combine work and leisure or social activities.
      "Seminars or training sessions that include leisure activities are a good way of mixing business and pleasure."

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