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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms M, page 5

Idioms M, page 5:  from:   'middle of nowhere'   to:   'slip your mind'

  • middle of nowhere
    • If a place is in the middle of nowhere, it is in a remote area, far from towns, villages or houses.
      "The campsite was in the middle of nowhere so I couldn't send you a postcard."

  • middle of the road (MOR)
    • This term refers to anything moderate, unadventurous or inoffensive that avoids extremes and appeals to the majority of people.
      "He's a successful middle-of-the-road entertainer. My mother wouldn't miss a show!"

  • smack dab in the middle
    • If something is smack dab in the middle, it is right in the centre.
      "I couldn't hide the stain on my shirt. It was smack dab in the middle."

  • burn the midnight oil
    • A person who burns the midnight oil stays up very late at night in order to finish a piece of work.
      "Tony is working hard for his exams. He's been burning the midnight oil all week."

  • might is right
    • This saying expresses the belief that being the most powerful person or country gives you the right to do whatever you want.
      "There are many leaders in the world today who believe that might is right."

  • (the) milk of human kindness
    • Someone who has, or is full of, the milk of human kindness, is naturally kind and compassionate to others.
      "She's a wonderful person - full of the milk of human kindness."

  • go/put through the mill
    • If you go (or are put) through the mill, you experience a very difficult period, or are exposed to rough treatment.
      "When I was an intern, I was put through the mill. Nothing went unnoticed."

  • chance in a million
    • A is a very small chance, or no chance at all, that something will happen.
      "There's a chance in a million of finding the key I lost on the golf course."

  • look or feel like a million dollars
    • If you look or feel like a million dollars, you look or feel extremely good.
      "With a tan and a new hairstyle, Stella looked like a million dollars."

  • never in a million years
    • This expression means 'absolutely never'.
      "I will never in a million years understand why Anne married Bob."

  • millstone around your neck
    • Something described as a millstone around your neck refers to a problem or responsibility that becomes a burden and a source of worry.
      "The money he borrowed became a millstone around his neck."

  • (not) mince words
    • Someone who does not mince their words expresses their opinions, ideas or thoughts very clearly, even if they offend others by doing so.
      "Come on John! Tell us what you really think - and don't mince your words."

  • mind over matter
    • The mental power to influence one's body and overcome physical difficulties is said to be a question of mind over matter.
      "He know he could not be cured, but he managed to live until the baby was born - a case of mind over matter."

  • (change) your mind
    • If you change your mind you change your original opinion, plan or decision.
      "At first I intended to rent a car, but then I changed my mind and decided to use public transport."

  • (have) a mind of your own
    • If you have a mind of your own, you are capable of forming an opinion and making decisions without being influenced by others.
      "The boy doesn't need any advice; he's got a mind of his own."

  • (have) something in mind
    • If you have someone or something in mind, you have a plan or intention concerning them.
      "The boss has Julie in mind for the job. He thinks she's got the right qualifications."

  • (have) something on your mind
    • If you have someone or something on your mind, you think a lot about it, to the point of being troubled or preoccupied.
      "You look worried. Have you got something on your mind?"

  • the mind boggles
    • The expression 'the mind boggles' is used as a reaction to something that you find amazing or difficult to understand.
      "She crossed the Atlantic alone - can you imagine? - the mind boggles!"

  • cross your mind
    • If an idea or thought crosses your mind, you suddenly think of it.
      "It has just crossed my mind that the shops are closed today."

  • great minds think alike
    • This expression means that very intelligent people often have the same idea at the same time, but it is generally used jokingly by two people who think of the same thing at the same time.
      "I think we should take the kids to the playground.”
      “That's just what I was thinking too. Great minds think alike!"

  • slip your mind
    • If something has slipped your mind, you have forgotten about it.
      "Oh dear! It slipped my mind that the shops were closed today!"

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