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 English for Learners 

How stress changes in nouns and verbs with the same spelling.

Some nouns and verbs have the same spelling in English.
To differentiate between the noun and the verb with the same spelling, the stress position changes from the first to the second syllable.
Here are some examples:

an address to address a permit to permit
a contest to contest   a present to present
a contract to contract   a process to process
a convert to convert a protest to protest
a decrease to decrease a rebel to rebel
a desert to desert a record to record
a discount to discount   a refill to refill
an escort to escort a refund to refund
an import to import a subject to subject
an insult to insult a survey to survey
a mandate to mandate   a torment to torment
a misprint to misprint a suspect so suspect
an object to object a transfer to transfer

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