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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Comparisons - Similarity

(as ... as     /     like)

(Idioms page 4 :  like back of hand  →  like deer in headlights)

like the back of one's hand If you know something like the back of your hand, you are very familiar with it and know it in detail.
Of course I won't get lost.  I know London like the back of my hand!
like a bat out of hell If something moves like a bat out of hell, it moves very quickly.
He grabbed the envelope and ran like a bat out of hell.
like a bear with a sore head If someone is behaving like a bear with a sore head, they are very irritable and bad-tempered.
When his team lost the match, Brad was like a bear with a sore head.
like bringing a knife to a gunfight To say that an action was like bringing a knife to a gunfight means that there was a total lack of preparation.
Asking an inexperienced lawyer to defend such a difficult case was like bringing a knife to a gunfight!
(sound) like a broken record Someone who says the same thing again and again is said to sound like a broken record.
Dad! Stop telling me to be careful when I drive.  You sound like a broken record!
like a cat on hot bricks A person who is like a cat on hot bricks is very nervous or restless.
The week before the results were published, she was like a cat on hot bricks.
like a scalded cat If something or something moves like a scalded cat, they move very fast, usually because they are frightened or shocked.
As soon as he saw the policeman, he ran off like a scalded cat.
like a cat that ate the canary If, after an achievement or success, a person appears very self-satisfied or pleased with themselves, you can say that they look like the cat that ate the canary.
When the boss complimented him on his work, Steve looked like the cat that ate the canary.
like something the cat dragged in If you compare a person or thing to something the cat dragged in, you think they they look dirty, untidy or generally unappealing.
My teenage son often looks like something the cat dragged in.
like cat and dog Two people who fight or argue like cat and dog frequently have violent arguments, even though they are fond of each other.
They fight like cat and dog but they're still together after 30 years.
like death warmed up If you look like death warmed up, you look very ill or tired.
My boss told me to go home.  He said I looked like death warmed up.
like a deer/rabbit caught in the headlights When you are so surprised that you are momentarily confused or unable to react quickly, you are like a deer (or a rabbit) caught in the headlights.
Surprised by the journalist's question, he was like a deer caught in the headlights.
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