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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Travel vocabulary - useful phrases for air travel

Useful phrases to make air travel less difficult for English learners.

• Are you travelling alone?.
• How much check-in baggage do you have ?
• Do you have any hand/carry-on baggage ?
• Please put your suitcase on the scale.
• Did you pack your bags yourself?
• May I see your passport please?
• Would you like a window/an aisle seat?
• Here is your boarding pass.
• The boarding time/gate n°/seat n° is written here.
• Duty-free shops are in the departure area.
• Metal detectors are used in the security area.
• Please open your bag.
• Passengers to flight ABS, please proceed to Gate 23.
• Flight XYZ has been delayed/cancelled.
• Passengers may now begin boarding.
• Could I see your boarding pass, please ?
• Please put your hand luggage in the overhand locker.
• Fasten your seatbelt please.
• Would you like anything to eat/drink?
• Would you like a blanket/a pillow?
• We are now about to land.
• Please put your tray back up.
• Your luggage will be in the baggage claim area.
• You must go through passport control.
• Do you have anything to declare?
• I'm travelling with my husband/wife/friend.
• I/we have one suitcase and one bag.
• Can I keep my backpack with me?
• How much is the fee for overweight bags?
• I'll take something out of my bag/suitcase.
• Please mark this bag as “fragile”.
• Will my hand luggage be screened?
• How long is the flight?
• Where do I/we change planes?
• How long is the stopover?
• Is my/our luggage transferred?
• Do I need to pick up my luggage?
• Is there a meal/food served on board?
• Where is the boarding gate?
• Where is the departure lounge?
• Could I/we change seats?
• Could I have a blanket please?
• Can I have a pillow please?
• Can I rent a car at the airport?
• Where can I find a taxi please?
• Where can I exchange money please?
• Is there a /where is the shuttle service?
• Where is the baggage claim area?
• When do I go through passport control?
• Where can I declare lost luggage?

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