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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Words relating to travel and transport
from:  'airline'   to:  'overhead locker'

Useful vocabulary designed to make travelling less difficult for English learners.

Word Meaning
Airline Company which commercialises air travel.
Airport Large area where aircraft land and take off.
Air traffic controller A person who directs the planes and ensures that there are no accidents.
Aisle Corridor between the rows of seats on a plane.
Aisle seat A seat next to the long corridor in the centre of the plane.
Arrivals area Area for passengers getting off a plane.
Baggage Bags, suitcases, etc.
Baggage claim Place where passengers go to get their luggage at the end of a flight.
Board Get on or enter a plane.
Boarding pass Card needed by passengers in order to board a plane.
Bus stop Area where passengers get on and off a bus.
Cab Taxi
Cabin crew The personnel on a plane who look after the passengers during a flight.
Cabin pressure The air pressure inside the aircraft when it is flying.
Car Motor vehicle for carrying passengers.
Chartered flight Flight on a chartered or hired plane.
Check-in Register as a guest at a hotel or as a passenger at an airport.
Check-out Pay one's bill and leave a hotel.
Cockpit The front of the aircraft where the pilot sits and flies the plane.
Connnecting flight
Train or plane leaving a station or airport soon after the arrival of another, enabling passengers to change from one to another.
Control tower The place from where air traffic controllers direct the planes.
Customs Government department that collects taxes on goods imported from other countries.
Customs official Government official who controls goods brought into a country and collects taxes or duty.
Departure board Large display showing times and destinations of departing flights.
Departure lounge Place where passengers wait before boarding a plane.
Direct Without any connecting flights or trains.
Domestic flights Flights within the country, not international.
Duty-free Without any payment of taxes called 'custom duties'.
Excess baggage Baggage that weighs more than the amount allowed.
Fare Cost of a journey by bus, boat or taxi.
Flight Journey on an aircraft.
Galley Part of a plane where food and duty-free goods are kept.
Gate The place in an airport where a particular flight arrives and departs.
Hand luggage Light luggage (bags, briefcases, etc.) that you are allowed to carry on board.
Immigration officer Person who checks passports and visas.
Jet lag Tiredness after a long flight due to differences in time zones.
Label Card showing your name and address which is used to identify luggage.
Luggage Bags, suitcases, etc.
Motorway Wide road for fast-moving traffic.
Off-peak A time period that is less busy (and tickets are usually cheaper).
Overhead locker Storage space above the seats on a plane for hand luggage.

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