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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Body idioms


bite your tongue If you bite your tongue, you stop yourself from saying what you really think.
Sam decided to  bite his tongue rather than get into an argument.
get your tongue round
If you are able to pronounce a difficult word or phrase, you can get your tongue round it.
She's from the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll.  Try getting your tongue round that!
give rough edge of tongue If you give the (rough) edge of your tongue, you scold someone severely or speak to them very aggressively or rudely.
My boss was so angry that I really got the rough edge of his tongue.
hold your tongue If you hold your tongue, you stay silent and say nothing.
The party was supposed to be a surprise, but unfortunately the little boy couldn't hold his tongue.
keep a civil tongue People who keep a civil tongue express themselves in polite terms.
Don't speak so rudely! You must learn to keep a civil tongue in all circumstances.
slip of the tongue A slip of the tongue is a small spoken error or mistake.
Did I say 'blow down'? - Sorry, I meant 'slow down' - that was a slip of the tongue!
on the tip of your tongue To say that a word or answer is on the tip of your tongue, means that you're sure you know it but have difficulty finding it.
What's that actor's name? I know it ... it's on the tip of my tongue!
tongue in cheek If you describe a remark as 'tongue in cheek' you mean that it is not meant to be taken seriously; it is meant to be funny or ironic.
Peter's remark was taken more seriously than intended.  It was supposed to be tongue in cheek.
tongue-lashing When you scold someone severely, you give them a tongue-lashing.
The teacher gave Jeremy a tongue-lashing when arrived late for school.
tongue-tied If you are tongue-tied, you have difficulty in expressing yourself because you are nervous or embarrassed.
At the start of the interview I was completely tongue-tied!
tongues are wagging When tongues are wagging, people are beginning to spread gossip or rumours, often about someone's private life.
The photograph of the couple that appeared in a magazine really set tongues wagging.

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