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Preposition Quiz 3

Complete the sentences below with the correct preposition.

              1.       This house belonged  __________  my grandfather.

                        a) of     b) to     c) for     d) in    
              2.      The salary depends  __________  the level of responsibility.
                        a) of     b) with     c) in     d) on
              3.       Eva likes potatoes but she's not very keen  __________ carrots.

                        a) of    b) to     c) into     d) on
              4.       My girlfriend is not interested  __________ politics.

                         a) in     b) with      c) to     d) by
              5.        Congratulations __________   your promotion.  You deserve it.

                         a) with     b) after     c) on    d) for
              6.        Jack didn't participate  __________  the negotiations.
                         a) on     b) at     c) in     d) to
              7.        We must divide the group  __________  four teams.

                         a) into     b) to     c) in     d) by
              8.        The efforts of the whole team contributed  __________ our success.

                         a) for     b) on     c) in     d) to
              9.        He crashed  ___________  the fence on the side of the road.

                         a) with     b) in     c) into     d) to
             10.       Julia is not here today.  She's in London  __________  business.

                         a) on     b) for     c) in     d) at




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