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Phrasal Verbs - 4


1.     They hope to  draw up  a contract and sign it before the end of the week.
2.    He's a very dependable person.  You can  rely on  him in any circumstances.
3.    Many husbands avoid any housework. They  manage to   get out of   it.
4.    I'm glad you're coming to the meeting.  I  look forward  to meeting you.
5.    Harry reads the newspaper every morning.  He likes to keep up with the latest events.
6.    Tom and Bill had a meeting in order to  iron out  their difficulties.
7.    Tests will be  carried out  to determine the causes of the failure.
8.    The plans for the new theatre  came up against  a lot of criticism.
9.    Sophie wants to leave the company.  We'll have to figure out a way to make her stay.
 10.    Anyone can make a mistake but George never  owns up  to his errors.


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