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Phrasal Verbs - 3



1.    The meeting had to be  put off   (to a later date) because of the strike.
2.    The films begins at 8.30.  I'll  pick  you  up  at 8.15.
3.    Tom is depressed.  He's finding it difficult to   get over   his divorce.
4.    There is no more sugar.  Never mind - we can to  do without  it!
5.    Teaching is not easy. Sometimes teachers have to  deal with  aggressive children.
6.    Alan met Julie by accident.  He  bumped into  her at the supermarket.
7.    The boss wants an explanation.  How do you  account for  the decrease in sales?
8.    If we  run out  of  petrol on this isolated road, we'll be in trouble!
9.    Sometimes fighting  breaks out  among supporters at football matches.
 10.    There will be no press conference tomorrow.  It has been  called off .


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