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Phrasal Verbs - 1
[verb +  preposition]

Choose a phrasal verb to replace the explanation in brackets.
               1.    Every morning   I 
(stop sleeping)  _________ ____   when I hear the alarm clock.

a) wake out     b) wake up     c) wake in     d) wake off
                2.   On Sundays I  can
 (leave bed)  _________ ____  later.

a) get out     b) step off     c) get up     d) step out
3.    We must  (be quick)  _________  ____  or we'll be late for school!

a) act up      b) fasten on     c) hurry up     d) speed in    
4.    John helped the old lady to  (board)  _________ ____   the bus.

a) mount on     b) get on     c) get up     4) put on
5.    Julie went to the library to  (try to find)  _________ ____   a book.

a)  look out     b) look after     c) look for     d) look up
6.    It's time for the news.  Let's  (start)  _________ ____ the radio.
a) turn on     b) tune in     c) turn up     d) tune at
7.    "Please come in and  (have a seat)   _________ ____"    said the doctor.

a) seat up     b) seat down     c) sit up     d)  sit down
8.     When Dad arrives home, he  (removes)  _________ ____    his coat.

a) puts off     b) takes off     c) leaves in     d) takes out
9.     Dad couldn't see very well.   "  (wear)  _________ ____  your glasses" said Mum.

a) put on     b) put away      c) put in     d) put up
10.     When we arrive at the station, we  (descend from)  _________ ____  the train.

a) get down     b) stand down     c) get off     d) stand out



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