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Phrasal Verbs1



            1.    Every morning   I  wake up   when I hear the alarm clock.
            2.    On Sundays I can   get up   later.
            3.    We must   hurry up  or we'll be late for school!
            4.    John helped the old lady to   get on   the bus.
            5.    Julie went to the library to  look for  a book.
            6.    It's time for the news.  Let's  turn on  (or put on)   the radio.
            7.    "Please come in and  sit down " said the doctor.
            8.    When Dad arrives home, he   takes off   his coat.
            9.    Dad couldn't see clearly.  "Put on your glasses" said Mum.
           10.   When we arrive at the station, we  get off   the train.


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