Scott Joplin

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   develop      died      fingers      flowed      free      freed      home      improvised      instrument      known      mixture      overtime      read      rough      talent      write   
Scott Joplin was born in Texas in 1868.
His father, who was a slave, played the violin, and his mother played the banjo, but Scott's favourite was the piano.
His father worked to buy him a second-hand grand piano.
Music naturally from Scott's , and he quickly became famous in his town.
Scott didn't learn to music until he was 11 when he received lessons from an old German music teacher.
He played classical music as well as his own music.
As a result, when he started to music, he produced a wonderful of classical European and African beat.
This unique style was as Ragtime.
In 1882, he moved to St Louis and started playing Ragtime piano in cheap bars in a area of the city.
The sound of music was everywhere : black, white and mixed. His musical continued to .
Altogether, he wrote about 50 piano rags. Scott Joplin in 1917.
Today, he is the undisputed King of Ragtime.