Learning Russian

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps with words from the list.
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   achievement      advice      chatting      conversation      ignore      improving      introduced      owners      reserved      shake      stranger      topics   
When Bob arrived in Moscow, he got different from friends and colleagues about his Russian.
However, Bob decided to the advice and get a dog.
Roxy, the dog, Bob to a large number of acquaintances and Bob was soon to local dog owners while their animals ran and played.
This is a real in a city where it is not easy to talk to people.
Russian people are as as the British. Some hands, some don't, some just say hello.
Dog , fortunately for Bob, are different.
A complete will start talking about dogs and, quite comfortably, the will change to salaries, politics, the weather, books, ... all sorts of .
Bob's vocabulary improved in no time!