International Etiquette

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   about      as      before      behaviour      between      eating      first      in      known      more      of      on      over      so      with   
When the European Union began to increase size, several guidebooks appeared giving
advice international etiquette.
Europeans realized that they had a lot to learn how to behave their business acquaintances.
For example, the British are happy to discuss business matters lunch.
The Japanese prefer not to work while .
The Germans like to discuss business dinner. The French prefer to eat and talk afterwards.
The Japanese have the strictest rules of social and business .
Seniority is very important, and is the Japanese business card.
You must exchange business cards immediately so to establish everyone's status and position.
The Americans prefer to be informal The British are to be reserved.
The main topic conversation strangers in Britain is the weather.
The fact is, each country has its customs, so, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!