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 English Vocabulary for learners 

VERY: words to replace 'very + adjective'

To avoid repetition and vary our language, here is a list of words that we can substitute for 'very + adjective'.

very angry furious   very intelligent brilliant
very bad awful   very interesting captivating
very boring dull   very large huge
very careful cautious   very little tiny
very clean spotless   very long extensive
very clear obvious   very loose slack
very cute adorable   very nervous apprehensive
very cold freezing   very noisy deafening
very confused perplexed   very often frequently
very creative innovative very pale ashen
very dangerous perilous very poor destitute
very delicate fragile   very pretty beautiful
very difficult complicated   very rich wealthy
very disagreeable obnoxious   very scary terrifying
very dirty filthy   very serious grave
very dry arid   very short brief
very excited thrilled   very shy timid
very fair impartial   very simple basic
very far remote very special exceptional
very fast rapid very tasty delicious
very firm rigid   very tight constricting
very frightening terrifying   very tired exhausted
very funny hilarious   very upset distraught
very good excellent   very warm hot
very hard difficult   very weak frail
very hesitant indecisive   very wet soaked
very high lofty   very willing eager
very hungry starving   very worried anxious

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