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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Words relating to travel and transport
from:  'passport'   to:  'window seat'

Useful vocabulary designed to make travelling less difficult for English learners, page 2.

Word Meaning
Passport Official identification document for citizens travelling abroad.
Peak time When the greatest number of people are travelling.
Pilot Person who navigates a plane.
Platform In a railway station, area next to the track where passengers get on and off trains.
Rate of exchange Value of money (currency) in another country.
Return (ticket) Ticket for a journey to a place and back again.
Runway Ground on which aircraft take off and land.
Shuttle An aircraft or bus that travels regularly between two places.
Single (ticket) Ticket for a one-way journey to a place.
Station A place where trains stop regularly on a railway line so that passengers can get on or off.
Steward/stewardess Personnel on board a plane.
Stopover A temporary stop during a long journey.
Subway (US) Underground urban railway system.
Suitcase Case for carrying clothes and personal belongings when travelling.
Tag A sort of label.
Taxi Car for hire for which you pay a fare.
Taxi rank Place where taxis wait for customers.
Terminal - Building at an airport where passengers arrive and depart.
- End of a railway line or bus route.
Ticket Printed paper giving the holder the right to travel by plane, train, bus, etc.
Tracks Set of rails for trains.
Train Railway engine with several carriages linked behind it.
Tram Public passenger vehicle running on rails (tramlines) along the streets.
Transit Transit passengers stop at an airport which is not their final destination.
Tube (UK) Informal word for the underground railway system in London.
Underground (UK) Underground urban railway system.
Visa Stamp or mark put on a passport to authorize entry, exit or transit.
Window seat A seat next to the window.

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