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The difference between synonyms, homonyms and antonyms in English.

SYNONYMS are words that have a similar meaning e.g. 'begin' and 'start'.

HOMONYMS include:
  • homophones: the same sound but different spelling and meaning e.g. 'ate' and 'eight'
  • homographs:  the same spelling but a different meaning e.g.  'bank account' and 'bank of river'.

ANTONYMS are words that are opposite in meaning to another e.g. 'accept' and 'refuse'.

(similar meaning)
(homophones: same sound)
answer reply aloud allowed accept refuse
ask request ate eight attack defend
brave courageous bare bear admit deny
broad wide bow bough beautiful ugly
difficult hard cell sell begin end
end finish cereal serial better worse
fix repair deer dear brave cowardly
gather collect dew due broad narrow
glad happy fair fare cheap expensive
intelligent clever flour flower clever stupid
jump leap hair hare dangerous safe
loyal faithful hear here difficult easy
mistake error hole whole forbid allow
odd strange mail male full empty
particular specific pair pare guilty innocent
quick rapid plain plane join separate
rare scarce right write knowledge ignorance
real genuine root route lazy hardworking
reliable dependable sail sale married single
rich wealthy sole soul minority majority
sad unhappy some sum noisy quiet
safe secure suite sweet remember forget
scared frightened toe tow similar different
try attempt wait weight true false
vast huge week weak whisper shout

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