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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Ways to make, accept or reject a suggestion.

Here are some phrases to help you suggest a leisure activity, and ways to accept or reject a suggestion.

    • Would you like to visit the old town?
    • The castle is worth a visit apparently. Shall we go there?
    • I'd like to go swimming. How about you?
    • How about a walk along the pier?
    • A guided tour might be a good idea?
    • How do you feel about a boat trip?
    • We could always go shopping….?
    • It would be nice to go to the beach.
    • How about a picnic?
    • Shall we go for a walk in the park?
    • It's beginning to rain. Why don’t we go to the cinema?
    • I suggest we visit the zoo or the marine park.
    • We might as well visit the exhibition while we’re here.
    • What would you say to a cup of coffee?
    • Do you fancy an ice cream/a cup of tea/ a beer/a glass of wine?
    • Couldn’t we invite the Windsors for a game of cards this evening?
    • Why not treat ourselves to a restaurant?
    • We could go dancing if you like?
    • How about combining dinner and a boat trip?
    • Let's see if there are any shows worth going to.

    1. Agreeing:
      • Yes, I would actually. Let’s go!
      • Super. I’d like that too!
      • That could be fun. Why not?
      • Yes, that sounds like a good idea!
      • Ok, I feel like taking a walk.
      • That’s not a bad idea. Let’s do that.
      • That’s a good idea! Why not?
      • Yes, I’d like that / I’d love to.
      • That’s exactly what I’d like right now!
      • I’d love an ice cream/beer etc.
      • Yes, why not? That’s a great idea!

    2. Rejecting or Disagreeing:
      • Sorry. Some other time perhaps.
      • I’m not sure. Perhaps we could …?
      • Oh no! That’s not a good idea!
      • Well, yes, but I’d rather…
      • Sorry. That sort of thing is not exactly my cup of tea!
      • Sorry. I’m not keen on exhibitions.
      • I'm afraid I'm not really interested in historical buildings.
      • No thanks. I'm not thirsty. Later on perhaps.
      • Sorry, I'm not tempted by that at all!
      • I think it's too hot/cold/windy to do that.
      • Sorry. I couldn't walk another step - I'm exhausted!

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