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English Vocabulary for ESL learners 

Shopping vocabulary, expressions and phrases for learners of English.

  • Bargain hunting
    • Spend time in the shops looking for items to buy at the lowest price.
      "During the sales I go bargain hunting with my friends!"

  • Do the shopping  
    • Go shopping regularly to buy food and other necessities.
      "Jack and I generally do the shopping together on Saturday mornings."

  • Go shopping
    • Go to the shops to buy things.
      "She's gone shopping - I've no idea when she'll be back!"

  • Fitting room 
    • A place to try on clothes to see if they fit or suit you.
      "I need your opinion. Will you come with me to the fitting room?"

  • I can't afford it
    • Not have enough money to buy something.
      "I'd love that jacket but I can't afford it!"

  • In stock/out of stock
    • Be available or unavailable in a shop or store.
      "I'm very sorry. I'm afraid the coulour you want is out of stock."

  • It costs a fortune!
    • Be very expensive.
      "Look at the price of that bag - it costs a fortune!"

  • It costs an arm and a leg!
    • Cost a lot of money; be very expensive.
      "The diamond engagement ring cost an arm and a leg!"

  • It's a steal!
    • So cheap that it’s almost as if you haven't paid anything for it.
      "At that price it's a steal. You won't find one cheaper in any other shop."

  • It's good value for money.
    • Worth the money spent on it.
      "The quality is excellent so it's good value for money."

  • Price tag
    • A label showing the price of an article.
      "Before I try it on I must find the price tag - just to be safe!"

  • Receipt
    • A piece of paper given in a shop as proof that you have paid for an article. (US: sales slip)
      "If you keep the receipt you'll be able to exchange the article."

  • Refund
    • Money paid back to a customer who is not satisfied with an article purchased.
      "You must produce the receipt if you want to get a refund."

  • Summer or Winter sales
    • A period in the year when articles are sold at a reduced price.
      "The kids need new winter coats but I'll  try and wait until the sales to buy them."

  • Shop around
    • Visit a number of shops selling similar articles in order to compare the prices.
      "The Internet makes it easier nowadays to shop around before buying anything."

  • Shop assistant
    • A person who serves customers in a shop.
      "The shop assistant was extremely patient while my mother tried on several pairs of shoes."

  • Shop till you drop
      Go shopping for a very long time, until you are exhausted.
    • "If you go to London with Ashley, you'll shop till you drop, so take comfortable shoes!"

  • Shopaholic
    • Love shopping so much that it is like an addiction
      "Sophie's favourite pastime is shopping - she's a complete shopaholic!"

  • Shopping spree
    • Enjoy a lively outing, usually with much spending of money.
      "Liza is planning to go on a shopping spree as soon as she gets her bonus."

  • Shopping therapy
    • The idea that buying things can make you feel better.
      "A little shopping therapy can usually cheer up bored teenagers."

  • Spend money
    • Use money to purchase an article or service
      ""We spent a lot of money on excursions during our trip.

  • Splash out on something
    • Buy something even though it costs a lot of money
      "When he got a promotion Andy splashed out on a brand new car."

  • Take something back.
    • Return something that you have bought
      "The hair dryer didn't work properly so she took it back to the shop."

  • That's a bargain!
    • Said when an article is well below the usual price.
      "That handbag goes beautifully with the dress, and at that price it's a bargain!"

  • That's a bit pricey!
    • It's a bit expensive.
      "Their clothes are a bit pricey but they have a wonderful selection."

  • That's dirt cheap!
    • It costs very little
      ""80% off! That's incrediible - it's dirt cheap at that price.!

  • That's a rip-off!
    • Is much more expensive that it should be
      "$10 for an orange juice?  That's a rip-off!"

  • Window shopping
    • Look at things in shop windows, without actually purchasing anything.
      "I haven't been paid yet, so I can only go window shopping"

Please note that British English spelling is used on this website.

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