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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Useful phrases for renting or booking accommodation.

Vocabulary relating to renting or booking accommodation (rooms, apartments, houses), for learners who may need to rent a property or make enquiries about accommodation in an English-speaking country.

Questions | Requests | Enquiries Answers | Queries | Information
• I'd like to rent a flat/apartment/house.
• I'd like to be :
- near the beach.
- close to the town centre
- in a quiet area
• For when / for what date / for how long?

• For how many people?

• How many bedrooms do you need?
• What does the flat/apartment/house contain? • There's a living-room, a kitchen,(...) bedrooms, and (...) bathroom(s).
• Is bed linen/are towels provided? • Bed linen is / is not included in the price.

• There is a supplement for bed linen.

• Bed linen and towels can be rented at the reception.
• Are there any sports facilities? • We have a swimming pool and a tennis court.

• Other sports can be found nearby...

• There are lots of sports in the area:
sailing, rafting, waterskiing, windsurfing, horse-riding, hiking ...
• Is there a cleaning/housekeeping service? • Yes /no/ with a supplement, etc.
• Is there any entertainment? • Entertainment is provided every evening.

• Entertainment is available locally /nearby/ in the area.

• There are also lots of excursions to choose from.
• Are there any restaurants nearby? • We can provide a list of restaurants in the area.

• There are many restaurants/cafés in the vicinity.
• Can you recommend places to visit? • There are many interesting places to visit in the area.

• We have all sorts of documentation available:
maps, brochures, leaflets, timetables, etc.
• What is the price.
• What are your rates?
• How much does it cost?
• Our current rates are:
.....per night / per week / per person.
• How far is it from ...
- the beach?
- the airport?
- the nearest town?
• The apartment/house/building is ......minutes from the beach

• There is a shuttle service to the beach/airport/town centre.

• There is a taxi rank just outside the building/house.
• Could you send me a brochure please? • With pleasure.
• Could you give me your address please?

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