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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Contractions in casual conversations with an example of use.

Informal contractions are shortened forms of words and phrases in English sometimes used in casual conversations. They are like slang - a very informal way of speaking.

They are generally used only in spoken English, but can also be found in some informal writing like text messages, emails, and social media. We spell the contractions the way they sound, and different spellings can be found.

Listed below are some common informal contractions with an example of use.
It must be remembered that these contractions are not "correct " English.
The list is merely an attempt to help learners understand what they may hear in very informal conversations or in the lyrics of popular songs.

Sound Contraction of Example
COULDA Could have You coulda taken the bus.
DUNNO Don't know Where's John? I dunno.
GIMME Give me Could you gimme a hand with this?
GONNA Going to We're all gonna go to the beach.
GOTTA Got to I've gotta leave early today. 
HAFTA Have to I hafta pick up the kids from school. 
LEMME Let me Here, lemme help you with that.
LOTTA Lot of There's still a lotta work to be done.
KINDA Kind of It's kinda chilly outside today.
SHOULDA Should have You shoulda warned me about the dog.
WANNA Want to Do you wanna see the photographs?
WHA-DI-YA What do you Wha-di-ya think of this?
WHATCHA What are you Wha-tcha gonna do now?
WOULDA Would have I woulda come earlier if I'd known.