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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Useful phrases for booking hotel rooms or accommodation.

English vocabulary and useful phrases relating to hotels, rooms and accommodation, for learners.

Questions | Requests | Enquiries Answers | Queries | Information
• Do you have any rooms available?
• Would you have a room for tonight please?
• I'd like to book a room please.
• For when / for what date?
• Single or double?
• Double bed or twin beds?
• With bath or shower?
• For how long / for how many nights?
• How long do you intend staying?
• What is the price please?
• What are your rates please?
• How much is it for a single/double room?
• Is there a reduction for children?
• The rate/price is ....... for a single/double room.
• The price is ....... per person sharing a room.
• There is a supplement of ....... for a single room.
• There is a reduction of ....... for children.
• Do you serve breakfast?
• Is breakfast included?
• What time is breakfast served?
• Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
• Are there any restaurants nearby?
• Do you have special menus for children?
• Do you cater for children?
• Breakfast is / is not included in the price.
• Breakfast is served between 7 am and 10 am.
• We do/do not have a restaurant (open from ....... to .......)
• We can provide a list of restaurants in the area.
• There are many restaurants/cafés in the vicinity.
• Special menus for children are/ are not available.
• Is there a swimming pool? • Yes, we have two pools, one outdoors and one indoors.
• The indoor swimming-pool is heated.
• I'm afraid not, but the beach is very close.
• What about babysitters?
• Do you have a babysitting service?
• Yes we do / no we do not provide a babysitting service.
• Do you have parking facilities? • We have a car park for our customers.
• There is a public car park nearby.
• Parking facilities are/are not provided.
• Is there a shuttle service to/from the airport? • Yes. Here's the timetable.
• I'm afraid not, but there's a taxi rank just outside the door.

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