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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Formal and informal expressions for written or verbal communication.

Formal English expressions are used in letters or in situations involving people you do not know very well.
The tone is respectful and polite.
Informal English expressions are used in everyday conversations, letters and emails exchanged with friends, family, colleagues or people you know well.
The tone is casual and friendly.

▪I regret to inform you that ... ▪I hate to have to tell you this but ...
▪I am writing to inform you that ... ▪Just a quick line to say ...
▪It is a pleasure to meet you. ▪Nice to meet you.
▪Upon your arrival ... ▪As soon as you get here …
▪At your earliest convenience ▪As soon as you can
▪I regret that I will be unable to attend ... ▪Sorry I can’t make it.
▪I would appreciate being kept informed … ▪Please keep me posted/updated.
▪Keep me in the loop!
▪I would like to remind you that ... ▪Don't forget ...
▪Would you be available on ..... ? ▪I suggest we get together on .....
▪I really appreciate your assistance ▪Thanks a lot!
▪Please accept my apologies for ... ▪Sorry for ...
▪It will not be necessary for you to ... ▪You won’t have to ...
▪It would be of great benefit to you to ... ▪It would do you good to ...
▪We have a vast amount of information at your disposal. ▪I have lots of information for you.
▪We were hoping you could ... ▪Could you ...?
▪It is my opinion that ... ▪I think ...
▪Please remember me to Alex. ▪Say hello to Alex for me.
▪I'd like to express my gratitude for... ▪Thanks a million. I owe you one!

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