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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'YOURSELF'
from:  'ask yourself'   to:  'suit yourself'

Expression Meaning Example
Ask yourself Think about something carefully."Before you buy that handbag, ask yourself if you really need it.”
Be yourself Behave in a natural way, without pretending to be different. "At an interview it's best to just be yourself."
(All) by yourself 1) Alone
2) Without help from anyone
“All right - stay by yourself then!”
"Did you paint the room all by yourself?"
Blame yourself Think that you are the cause of something bad happening "We know it’s not your fault so stop blaming yourself.”
Enjoy yourself Have a pleasant time/a good time “You’re off to the party are you? Enjoy yourself!"
Fend for yourself Manage without any assistance / take care of yourself "You can stay here but you’ll have to fend for yourself while I'm at work."
Fool yourself Make yourself believe that something is true "He thinks his wife is going to come back but he’s just fooling himself.
Help yourself Take what you wish without asking "There’s plenty of food so just help yourself!"
Keep to yourself
Keep yourself to yourself
Avoid contact with people or not mix with others "Try to be sociable and not keep to yourself all the time."
Learn for yourself Experience something personally "We constantly warn young people but you have to learn for yourself, don’t you?"
Make yourself at home Relax and do as you would in your own home "Come in and make yourself at home while I cook dinner."
Mind yourself
Take care / Be careful "It can be dangerous to walk home alone at night, so mind yourself!"
See for yourself Check something by looking at it with your own eyes. "There is no milk left. Look - you can see for yourself!"
Speak for yourself Said when someone expresses an opinion you disagree with. "None of us like the food."
"Speak for yourself – I think it’s OK."
Suit yourself Do as you please / do whatever you want "I don't think I'll come to the party."
"All right, suit yourself!"

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