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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'WORK':
'work for', 'work as', 'work in', 'work at'

Useful phrases to talk about your job.

    WORK FOR (+ the name of the company or organisation where you are employed.)
    You are paid by the company, firm or organisation to do a specific job, not necessarily in their offices.
    You can work for a company from home.
  • "I work for the government."
  • "Linda works for XYZ airline company."
  • "I've been working for IBM for the past year.

    WORK AS (+ the name of your profession or trade (carpenter, waitress, teacher, lawyer ...)
  • “I work as a software developer for Microsoft.
  • “I work as an interpreter for a Japanese company.”
  • “I work as a representative for ABC office supplies.
  • “I work as a consultant for two different companies.”

    WORK IN ( + a geographical place, a sector or field, or a general type of place such as a shop.
  • “I work in Zurich in a pharmaceutical laboratory.
  • “I work in the IT industry. I develop programs.”
  • "I work in a shop, a cafeteria, a laboratory, a supermarket..."

    WORK AT (with 'the' + the actual building or the specific place where you work.)
  • “I work at the head offices of ABC Electric in London.”
  • “I work at the mill/ the shoe factory/ the post office.”
  • “I work at the central train station.

    Sometimes people use AT + the name of a company or firm (“I work AT XYZ”) meaning ‘AT the offices/the headquarters of’ XYZ …

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