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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'WELL'
from:  'all is well'   to:  'well worth'

Expression Meaning Example
All is well that ends well A happy ending makes up for any difficulties encountered. "Jack missed the flight but got a seat on the following one. All is well that ends well!"
All very well
All well and good
Something may be acceptable, but there are other things to consider. "It’s all very well telling me you’ll be home late, but who’s going to pick up the kids?"
"Buy a new television? That’s all well and good, but where de we find the money?"

Alive and well Be in good physical condition. "The search party found the stranded hiker alive and well."
Bode well Is a good sign.
Is promising.
"The high illiteracy rate doesn't bode well for the future."
Do well for oneself Be successful in life. "All of their children are doing well for themselves."
Just as well Have the same result or effect. "The food was very ordinary. We could just as well have stayed at home."
Know perfectly well Be fully aware of something while pretending not to know. "The boy looked surprised but he knew perfectly well what I was talking about!"
Leave well (enough) alone Stop making changes to something that is already good enough. "It’s quite satisfactory like that. Let’s leave well alone."
May/might as well (do something) Suggest doing something, often when there’s no other/no better option. "We’ve missed the last bus, so we may as well start walking."
Well heeled
Well off
Well to do
Wealthy or have sufficient money to lead a comfortable life. "Most children in private schools come from well-heeled/well-off/well-to-do families."
Well worth the price The price is justified. You get good value for the money paid. "It’s quite expensive but it works extremely well and is well worth the price"
Well done! Expression used to congratulate someone. "You got the job? Well done!"
Well oiled Operates smoothly and efficiently. "The election campaign is running like a well-oiled machine."
Well put
Well said
Expressed in a clear and intelligent manner. "I must say his argument was well put."
"I agree with that. Well said!"
Well spent Time or money well used. "The discussions lasted several hours but the time was well spent - we reached an agreement."
Well up in
Well read
Well versed
Be very knowledgeable in a particular field. "The candidate for the teaching position is well versed in Spanish literature."

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