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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'UP'
from:  'it's up to you'   to:  'what's up'

Expression Meaning Example
It's up to you It’s your decision; you decide. "I don’t mind which film we watch. It’s up to you."
Up and about Out of bed and have recovered from an illness or injury. "The boy was kept in hospital for a week but he's up and about again."
Up and coming Likely to achieve success in the near future. "The show featured several up-and-coming young performers."
Up in arms Very angry and protest about something "The population was up in arms over the demolition of the old theatre."
Up in the air Has not been decided or settled yet. "I can't give you a definite answer yet; the project is still up in the air."
Up one's alley Exactly what will suit one’s tastes or abilities "Alex loves reading, so a job in a bookshop would be right up his alley."
Up to your eyes Extremely busy doing or dealing with something. "Don’t call Emily. She’s up to her eyes with the wedding arrangements."
Up for grabs Available or possible to obtain for anyone interested "You should enter the competition - there's $20000 in prizes up for grabs. "
Up to par
Up to scratch
Up to standard
Satisfactory; meet requirements "Javier didn't get the job because his English wasn't up to par."
“I’m afraid your last paper didn't come up to scratch."
“The distributor refused the product because it wasn’t up to standard."
Up and running Has started and is fully operational "In some countries you can have a company up and running in a very short time."
On the up and up Be increasingly successful "The architect has been on the up and up since he designed a building in Dubai."
Up to something
Up to no good
Planning something bad or wrong. "When she saw the boys hiding, she suspected they were up to no good."
“There’s a guy snooping around the building - I think he's up to something."
Up to (doing something) Be physically and/or mentally capable of doing it "At my age, I just don’t think I’m up to walking all that distance."
What's up? What’s the matter; What’s wrong "Look at Charlie. He’s furious about something. Whats up?"

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