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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'TOUCH'
from:  'touch base'   to:  'soft touch'

Expression Meaning Example
Touch base Make contact to receive an update on recent events or developments. "I’d like you to touch base with the sales staff and see how we’re doing."
Touch of a button Do something very easily - usually because of new technology. "The gates can be opened and closed at the touch of a button.”
Touch and go A risky situation where you are uncertain of what will happen. “Laura has been badly injured. It’s touch and go whether she will survive the operation.”
Touch a sore point Be a sensitive matter "If you ask him about his son you'll be touching a sore point."
Touch down To land or make contact with the ground, for example a plane. “Flight AB235 is due to touch down at 9.55 am.”
Easy touch Someone who is easy to control or influence. “Jimmy is an easy touch - we can persuade him to help us with the project.”
Finishing touch The final detail that completes or perfects something. "A red knot put a finishing touch to the package."
Get in touch Make contact with someone. "I’ll get in touch with Jack and see if we can arrange to meet."
Keep/stay in touch Continue to have contact with someone (even if you don't see them often). “Mark has always tried to keep/stay in touch with his college friends.
Lose one's touch Lose the ability or talent you once had. “Dad used to be good at gardening. He seems to have lost his touch.”
Magic touch Have a special ability to do something very well. "Jenny has a magic touch with children. They always agree to what she suggests.”
Out of touch Have not kept in contact or are unaware of recent events. “Since leaving the company I’m out of touch with the latest developments.”
Soft touch Easily persuaded, especially to lend or give money. “You should ask Charlie to contribute something. He’s a soft touch.”

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