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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'THINK'
from:  'think again'   to:  'put on thinking cap'

Expression Meaning Example
Think again Reconsider something “The job could lead to opportunities. You should think again before refusing it.”
Think better (of something) Decide that something is not a good idea "I went shopping, but when I saw the crowded car park I thought better of it."
Think long and hard Think carefully before reaching a decision "After thinking long and hard about it, Stella decided not to accept the offer."
Think on your feet Be capable of adjusting rapidly to new developments "Good lawyers need to be able to think on their feet when pleading a case."
Think out loud Make comments or speak one’s thoughts as they occur "Sam tends to think out loud when he’s doing repair work in the house!"
Think outside the box Find innovative ideas or solutions "Our competitors are more creative than us - they really think outside the box!"
Blue-sky thinking Brainstorming to generate creative ideas, not necessarily realistic. "What we really need now is specialist knowledge rather than blue-sky thinking."
Think the sun rises and sets on someone Consider someone to be the most wonderful person in the world "Anne adores her husband - she thinks the sun rises and sets on him!"
Think the world of someone Like or admire someone very much "She's a wonderful grandmother - the children think the world of her."
Can't think straight Be unable to think clearly "There’s so much going on in the office today that I can’t think straight!"
Dread to think Feel worried about what might occur "I dread to think about what will happen if the sea level continues to rise."
Have another think coming Be wrong about something and need to reconsider "If you think I'm going to pay for all this, you have another think coming!"
Put on your thinking cap Find ideas or a solution to a problem "Now here's this week's quiz; it's time to put on your thinking caps!"

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