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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with the word 'STICK'
from:  'stick in the mud'   to:  'stuck in a rut'

Expression Meaning Example
Stick in the mud A to a dull person who is unwilling to try anything new or join in fun activities “Sammy is never going to make new friends with his stick-in-the-mud attitude."
Stick in your throat Something difficult to accept that makes you angry or resentful. "The way he treats women really sticks in my throat!"
Stick it out Continue to endure something in spite of the difficulties. "The job is difficult but Luke is going to stick it out because he likes working here."
Stick out a mile Be very obvious, visible or very easy to see. "You can see she's had a facelift - it sticks out a mile!"
Stick out like a sore thumb Be very obvious or visible in an unpleasant way. "The modern building sticks out like a sore thumb among the old houses."
Stick to your guns. Show determination when faced with opposition. "The government stuck to its guns in spite of the criticism."
Stick to your knitting Continue to do what you do well rather than try to do something you know little about. “Instead of trying to diversify, we should stick to our knitting!”
Stick to your last Avoid intervention or comments in an area where you have no experience. "Why don't you stick to your last and let me handle this matter."
Stick your neck out Draw attention to yourself by saying or doing something that others are afraid to do. "Julie stuck her neck out and said that it couldn’t be done without extra staff."
Stuck in a rut Be trapped in an uninteresting job, routine or lifestyle. "I used to have an interesting life but nowadays I feel I’m stuck in a rut!"
Stuck up Appear conceited, snobbish or pretentious, or act as though superior to others. "All those in the morning group are so stuck-up they don’t even talk to us!"

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