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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'STAY'
from:  'stay awake'   to:  'be here to stay'

Expression Meaning Example
stay awake Not go to sleep or not be able to sleep. "If I drink coffee now I'll stay awake all night!"
stay behind Remain somewhere when everyone else has left. "You can all leave now. I’ll stay behind and finish up."
stay clear of Avoid something unpleasant or dangerous, or that may cause problems. “You’d better stay clear of the boss today. He’s in a bad mood!”
stay the course Persevere and finish something you have started in spite of the difficulties. "His speech was motivation for us to stay the course and ensure success."
stay focused Concentrate on what you are doing and not become distracted by anything. "We must stay focused if we want to meet the deadline."
stay in the loop
stay in the know
Be informed about the most recent developments;  be aware of what is happening. "Make sure the new intern stays in the loop about the project."
stay overnight
stay the night
Sleep at somebody’s house for one night. "You can always stay overnight/ stay the night at our house."
stay in touch Remain in contact with someone. "We said goodbye and promised to stay in touch."
stay on top of things Work efficiently so as not to fall behind or lose control of your workload. "Charlie will need to stay on top of things if he wants to succeed!"
stay on track Stick to what was planned in order to progress or produce good results. "It’s important that we all stay on track if we’re to meet our annual quota."
stay put
stay still
Remain in one place; not move. "Sit over there and stay put/stay still."
stay together Remain with another person or stay married or in a relationship. "I don't know why they stay together; they're always fighting!"
stay tuned Continue paying attention or being watchful because something more is coming (e.g. on television). "Stay tuned and find out more after the break!”
stay up late Go to bed later than usual. "Tony stayed up late to wath the match."
stay up to date Continue receiving the latest information about the most recent trends or developments. "My dad reads the newspaper every day to stay up to date."
be here to stay Something that is now generally accepted and is likely to last for a long time. "It seems that blogs/talk shows/online courses are here to stay."

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