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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions about SECRETS: asking someone to keep a secret

Here are some common phrases and expressions to ask someone to keep a secret or to not reveal information.


    • “This is strictly confidential.”
    • “I'm telling this to you in strict confidence.”
    • “Please don’t share this information.”
    • “Please keep this to yourself.”
    • “Please don’t tell anyone else.”
    • “I hope I can trust you with this information.”
    • “This is just between you and me.”
    • “This is for your ears only.”
    • “Let’s not spread this around.”
    • “Let’s keep this under wraps.”
    • “Let’s keep a lid on this.”
    • “Let’s keep our little secret private, ok?”
    • “You’d better keep that under your hat.”
    • “Mum’s the word, ok?”
    • “Can we keep this off the record?”
    • “Can we keep this between us, please?”
    • “What we talk about here stays here.”
    • “You can hold your tongue I hope.”
    • “I hope my secret is safe with you.”
    • “Please keep your lips sealed about this.”
    • “I’m counting on your discretion.”

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