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 English Vocabulary for learners 

from:  'badger someone'   to:  'smooth talk'

Expression Meaning Example
Badger someone Nag or pester someone until you obtain something. "Jenny badgered her parents into buying her a new computer."
Bulldoze someone Use pressure or intimidation to make someone do something "A property developer bulldozed my grandfather into selling his house."
Butter someone up Flatter or be very nice to someone, especially to obtain something. "Hugo was so keen to get the job that he spent his time buttering up the boss."
Carrot and stick approach Promise a reward and threaten punishment to incite someone to do something. "Some parents use a carrot-and-stick approach with their children."
Crack the whip Use authority or threats to get something done. "Every so often I'll crack the whip to make sure we meet the deadline."
Force someone's hand Make someone do something unwillingly or sooner than planned. "The Chairman didn’t want to resign but the board forced his hand."
Prod someone into doing something Incite a hesitant person do something that they are reluctant to do. "Sally was ideal for the job, but I had to prod her into applying for the position."
Gep roped into something Be persuaded to do something that you don’t really want to do. "I got roped into joining the company’s team and participating in the charity run.”
Put the squeeze on someone Put pressure on someone or force them to do something. “Bob was reluctant to work with Ben until the boss put the squeeze on him."
Smooth-talk someone Convince others to do what you want. "A salesman smooth-talked my mother into buying a new washing machine."

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