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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'OVER'
from:  'all over'   to:  'roof over your head'

Expression Meaning Example
all over Finished or ended "When I arrived, the firework display was all over ."
all over Everywhere; covering the whole surface "Her dress was embroidered all over with flowers."
all over again Do something a second time "Sam spilt coffee on his application form so he had to do it all over again!"
bend over backwards Try very hard to do something "The sales assistant bent over backwards to try to retain the customer."
cry over spilt milk Have regrets about something that is done and cannot be changed "Sometimes I regret not accepting the offer, but it's no use crying over spilt milk."
get worked up over something Become emotionally upset or agitated because of something "Don't get all worked up over it - we'll find a solution."
go over like a lead balloon Fail completely; does not arouse any interest or enthusiasm "Jack's proposal went over like a lead balloon."
a hush fell over (someone/group) People suddenly become quiet "As the golf player took his stance, a hush fell over the spectators."
over and above More than "The bill was over and above what I expected to pay."
over the hill Growing old; can no longer perform as well as before "Gran! You say you're over the hill, but you're still a super cook!"
over the hump Past the most difficult or dangerous part of an activity "It was a difficult year for us all, but we’re over the hump now."
over the moon Absolutely delighted "Emily was over the moon when she heard the good news."
over and done with Something difficult or unpleasant has been accomplished "I had to announce the bad news, so now that's over and done with."
over my dead body Used when someone refuses to allow something "Mum, can I get by nose pierced?"
"Over my dead body!"
over the top (OTT) Excessive or unsuitable for the occasion "My colleague’s dramatic outburst was way over the top."
in over your head Involved in something too difficult "I agreed to participate and then I realized that I was in over my head."
go over your head Too difficult to understand or follow "The teacher’s explanation just went over my head!"
head over heels in love Totally and uncontrollably in love "Our son has fallen head over heels in love with the new girl in his class!"
a roof over your head A place where you can stay or live "Bob lost his job but luckily Eva earns enough to keep a roof over their heads."

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