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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'NEW'
from:  'new blood'   to:  'new to this game'

Expression Meaning Example
New blood If something such as an organisation or a sports team needs new blood, it needs to recruit people with new ideas, energy and enthusiasm in order to improve it. “In view of the poor results, the coach decided that the team needed new blood.”
Break new ground Innovate, make a discovery or do something never done before. "Scientists are breaking new ground in cancer research.”
(as) good as new In very good condition even though it is not new, but may have been repaired. My car has been repaired. It's as good as new again!
New kid on the block The new kid on the block is someone (not just a child) who is a newcomer to an area, or a new member of a group. "Even after several years in the company Charlie is still regarded as the new kid on the block.”
Turn over a new leaf If a person turns over a new leaf, they decide to change their behaviour and lead a better life. “When Ted left prison, he was determined to turn over a new leaf.
New lease of life A person who has a new lease of life has more energy or better health than before and can live with greater enjoyment or satisfaction. "Moving closer to his children has given Walter a new lease of life
New to this game To say that you are new to this game means that you have never been involved in this sort of activity before. "I want to join Facebook but I don't know how to start. I'm new to this game."

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