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Ways to say 'Happy New Year'.

Learners sometimes find it difficult to extend good wishes and express greetings in English.
There are many ways to wish people a Happy New Year.
Here are some of them.


    • Happy New Year (to you and your family)!
    • I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
    • We wish you all a fantastic New Year.
    • Happy New Year to you and yours!
    • May all your dreams come true this year!
    • May this coming year be your best ever!
    • May this be a great year for your and your family.
    • May the New Year bring joy, peace and happiness to you all.
    • I hope this will be an awesome year for you and your family.
    • May this year be a good year for you from start to end!
    • Here’s to a happy and successful New Year for everyone!
    • A happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year to you all!
    • May this year be the start of a better future for everyone!
    • May your year be filled with happiness, good health and lots of love.
    • A New Year and a new start … way to go!
    • Have a lucky and wonderful New Year!
    • My New Year wish for you: no pain, no worries – just happiness!
    • Happy New Year. I wish you the best of everything!
    • Happy New Year to one of the best people I know!
    • New day, new year, new beginning … Happy New Year!