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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'MIND'
from:  'back of your mind'   to:  'a load off your mind'

Expression Meaning Example
At the back of your mind Something that you are not thinking about right now but is in your thoughts. At the back of my mind is the fear of failing the test.
Be in two minds Be undecided. I'm in two minds about what to do.
Bear/keep in mind Remember Bear in mind  that no food will be served on board.
Bring to mind Recall something Fish and chip shops bring to mind my holidays in Britain.
Broadens the mind Helps you understand more about different subjects, people, ideas and places. Travel broadens the mind.
Change your mind Change your decision I was going to go sailing but I changed my mind when I saw the weather.
Cross your mind Come into your thoughts as a possibility It crossed my mind that the child might be hungry.
Get something or something out of  your mind Stop thinking about someone or something No matter how hard I try I can't get  the accident out of my mind.
Give someone a piece of your mind Express your disapproval in a firm or angry manner. I'm going to give those kids a piece of my mind about the noise they're making.
Go out of your mind Go crazy or be insane You're going to walk across the desert? Have you gone out of your mind?
Have a good mine/half a mind Feel tempted or be inclined to do something that you will probably not do. I've a good mind/half a mind  to ask for my money back!
Have something in mind Be considering something We haven't decided where we're going yet but we've got something in mind.
Have a lot on your mind Have a lot of thoughts, worries and concerns in your head. You can see he's preoccupied.  He's got a lot on his mind  these days.
Have an open mind / be open-minded Be receptive to other people's opinions or ideas. I went into the meeting with an open mind.
Have a mind of your own Be capable of making your own decisions Emma doesn't need any advice; she's got a mind of her own.
Last thing on your mind Of the least importance to you I'm too busy to eat! Food is the last thing on my mind right now.
Lose your mind Go crazy Jack nearly lost his mind  when he missed the flight!
Make up your mind Reach a decision There are many options. I can't make up my mind.
Mind over matter The mental power to influence one's body and overcome physical difficulties. His illness was incurable but he lived until the baby was born – a case of mind over matter
Mind your own business (rude) Stop interfering!
Don't tell me what to do. Mind your own business!
Mind your language Be careful what you say. My grandfather won't tolerate any rudeness so mind your language!
Mind your P's and Q's Behave properly; show good manners. You'd better mind your P's and Q's when you go to meet your future in-laws!
Mind the step Be careful where you walk. Mind your step  getting off the train.
My mind went blank Forget everything momentarily or be unable to think clearly. I was so nervous during the test that my mind went blank!
Never mind Don't worry. It's not important. "Sorry I can't be of help."
"Never mind. It's OK."
Not in your right mind Not behaving in a logical or sensible way.
Julie wasn't in her right mind  when she bought those ridiculous shoes.
One-track mind Think about only one subject That boy has a one-track mind; all he thinks about is football !
Out of sight, out of mind Forget someone you don't see frequently. As soon as he retired he was forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind!
Peace of mind State of tranquillity with no worries I will have peace of mind  when my son passes  his exams.
Put your mind at ease. Reassure you. Let me put your mind at ease. Your travel expenses will be paid by the company.
Read someone's mind Guess someone's thoughts or have the same idea Yes, I think we should take a taxi. You read my mind!
Slip your mind Forget something. I forgot the electrician was coming. It completely slipped my mind!
Speak your mind Say frankly what you think Andy always speaks his mind  but he's not always diplomatic.
Take your mind off something. Stops you thinking about something unpleasant. Talking to people takes his mind off  the pain.
Takes a load off your mind Relieves someone of a worry or problem. The children are safe? That takes a load off my mind.

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