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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'MEET'
from:  'meet a deadline'   to:  'meet a standard'

Expression Meaning Example
Meet a deadline Finish work at the time or by a date that has been agreed on  “Working under pressure to meet a deadline can be motivating.””
Meet someone's expections Have the qualities expected or hoped for  “The new restaurant was disappointing. It didn’t meet our expectations.”
Meet someone's eye(s) Look straight at someone  “Mark was afraid to meet my eyes because he knew I was disappointed.”
Meet someone halfway Reach a compromise by offering part of what is wanted “We can't agree to all your conditions but we could perhaps meet halfway.”
Meet and greet A reception (often informal) where a public figure or important person can introduce themselves and talk to the guests. “The new mayor is going to schedule a meet-and-greet reception for the residents.”
Meet head-on Deal with something in a straightforward manner  “I’m nervous about the interview but it’s a challenge I’ll have to meet head-on.”
Meet your maker Expression used to say that someone has died  “Poor old Mr. Potter has gone to meet his maker.”
Meet one's match Meet someone who is as good as you at something  “Alex thought he was the best chess player but he met his match in Tom.”
Meet the needs of someone Satisfy a demand or need  “We couldn’t find office space to meet our needs.”
Meet requirements Satisfy the conditions required for something  “His application was refused because it did not meet the requirements.”
Meet a standard A reception where a public person can meet and talk to the guests)  “The new mayor scheduled a meet-and-greet reception for the residents.”

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