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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'JUST'
from:  'just around the corner'   to:  'just what the doctor ordered'

Expression Meaning Example
Just around the corner Something  that will happen very soon. “With spring just around the corner, the new collection should begin to sell.”
Just as well Be a good or lucky thing to happen. "The picnic was cancelled, which was just as well because it rained all day."
Just desserts Be rewarded or punished according to what is deserved. "Liz got her just desserts when she was excluded from the committee. She is totally unreliable.”
Just a minute In a short amount of time. "I'll be ready to leave in just a minute."
Just in case A precaution taken against a possible future problem.  "My mother prepared some extra food just in case more people arrived."
(Not) just a pretty face Not only attractive but also intelligent or talented. “The candidate was determined to show that she was not just a pretty face".
Just in time At the last possible moment before it is too late. "I arrived at the station just in time to catch the train."
Just now A very short time ago. "I read the article just now."
Just one of those things An unexpected occurrence that was unavoidable. "There was a traffic jam, so I was late for the meeting - it was just one of those things."
Just off the boat Naive and lacking experience. "How do you expect me to work with a trainee who's just off the boat!"
Just for the record Something to be noted. "Just for the record: this is the third time the new computer has been repaired." 
Just saying Mentioning something without intending to cause offence. "Your son is old enough to mow the lawn - just saying..."
Just the job Something that is well-suited for a specific purpose. "I don't need a big container. That plastic bag is just the job.”
Just the ticket Exactly right, or just what you need. “'Im not hungry enough for a meal.  A bowl of soup would be just the ticket!"
Just what the doctor ordered Exactly what is needed and will make you feel better. "A weekend in the sun - just what the doctor ordered!"

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