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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'HIGH'
from:  'high and dry'   to:  'high time'

Expression Meaning Example
High and dry left in difficulty without help or resources “Her husband left her high and dry with two kids to raise.”
High and low everywhere, in many different places “She searched high and low but couldn’t find her car keys.””
High as a kite
(To get high)
intoxicated with drugs or alcohol “Carla was as high as a kite at the party last night!”
High and mighty someone who behaves as though they are superior to others “She got all high and mighty when she was asked to do the dishes.”
High profile be prominent or well-known “That lawyer only deals with high-profile people.”
Come hell or high water no matter what difficulties arise “We’ll finish the project this week come hell or high water!”
Flying high be very happy or have a lot of success “The company is flying high with its latest invention.”
Get on your high horse start behaving in a haughty manner “He got on his high horse when he was asked to show his ID”
In high esteem / in high regard considered with respect or admiration “The mayor has always been held in high esteem by the community.””
In high places powerful or influential “He got the job because his father has friends in high places.”
In high spirits happy and cheerful “Susan has been in high spirits ever since her son found a job.”
It's high time appropriate time for something to happen, or something is overdue It’s high time you kids were in bed!”

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