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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'GOOD'
from:  'a good few'   to:  'too good to be true'

Expression Meaning Example
A good few A large number of people or things "I'm still a good few miles away, so I may be late."
A good deal A large quantity; a lot "There's a good deal to be learned from experienced workers."
A good deal A fair transaction or arrangement "We've used the same supplier for years and we always get a good deal."
A good spell A beneficial period of time "In this rainy country we were lucky to get a good spell of sunshine."
All in good time Be patient. It will happen when the time is right. "I want to be tall like dad."
"You'll grow little by little - all in good time!"
As good as done Amost completely finished "The paintwork is as good as done. It'll just take a few more minutes."
As good as gold Be obedient and well behaved "The children were as good as gold all through the ceremony."
As good as it gets As good as possible; nothing better is possible. "This restaurant isn’t great but it's as good as it gets in this area."
As good as new Be in perfect condition, usually after repair "After repair work the car was as good as new."
Be good to go Be ready, prepared or fit for use "Has the machine been repaired?"
"Yes, it's good to go!"
Be a good sport Not get annoyed or angry when something is disappointing "My father was a good sport and praised the meal the children had prepared."
Be on good terms Have a friendly relationship "Mark and Emma separated but they stayed on good terms."
Do a good job Perform a task well "The caterers did a good job. The meal was perfect."
Do a good turn Act in a helpful way "Mike is a great guy - always ready to do a good turn."
Do a world of good Make someone feel better or improve their life "She's tired because she's overworked. A holiday would do her a world of good."
For good For ever; permanently "Our nasty neighbours have left and I hope they’ve gone for good!"
Good for you! Expresses praise or approval "You passed your driving test?"
" Good for you!"
Good riddance! Expresses relief at being free of something or someone unpleasant "She has resigned, and all I can say is 'good riddance’!"
Good value for money Worth the money spent on it "The quality is excellent so it's good value for money."
Have a good time Enjoy yourself "We all had a good time at the wedding."
In (someone's) good graces Have someone's approval or be regarded favourably "The manager finds fault wth everyone. It's hard to stay in his good graces."
In a good mood Be visibly happy and pleasant "The boss is in a good mood today so maybe we can discuss the problem.”
In good part React in a good-natured way "Amy was teased a lot about her new hairstyle but she took it in good part."
So far so good Everything is satisfactory up to this point "How is work progressing on the new house? Oh, so far so good."
Too good to be true Difficult to believe "The painter quoted a price that sounds too good to be true!"

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