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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Ways to explain why you are late.

Arriving late for work or for a meeting can be embarrassing.
When giving a reason, honesty is the best policy.
Here are some phrases and expressions to help you.

  •  EXCUSES FOR BEING LATE:  phrases to explain why you are late.

    • Sorry I'm late. The bus broke down and I had to wait for another one.
    • Sorry for being late. My bike was stolen and I had to find a bus.
    • My car was stolen and I had to go to the police station.
    • So sorry for being late. I missed the bus/train and had to take a taxi.
    • I’m very sorry. The meeting ran overtime and I missed the train.
    • My apologies for arriving late. The taxi I ordered didn't arrive on time.
    • I’m terribly sorry. I wasn’t feeling well and I overslept.
    • I forgot to set the alarm clock and woke up late. I promise it won’t happen again!
    • Sorry for being late. I wasn’t sure of the way and I got completely lost getting here.
    • My apologies for being late but I had trouble finding the address.
    • Sorry for arriving late. The traffic this morning was unbelievable!
    • I’m late. I’m so sorry. I had to take my (son/daughter/father/mother) to the doctor’s.
    • My apologies. The baby had a high temperature and I had to call the doctor.
    • Sorry for being late. I had a dental appointment that took longer than I expected.
    • Excuse me for being late. I had to make a detour because of roadworks.
    • Traffic was slow because of the icy roads, so it took me longer to get here.
    • Sorry. I got a flat tyre on the way and that delayed me quite a bit.
    • My car was involved in a minor accident but it took time to go through the formalities.
    • The whole area was flooded near the river so the bus had to take a detour.
    • A deviation for roadworks slowed down all the traffic on the A1.

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