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 English Vocabulary for learners 


Ways to express encouragement or show support.

Learning different ways to give encouragement to others or show support is always worthwhile. Here are some common phrases and expressions.


    • Hang in there! / Stay at it / Don't give up!
    • You're off to a great start!
    • You're great at this!
    • Keep at it! /Keep pushing! / Keep fighting!
    • Stay strong! Don’t stop till you get there!
    • Go on / come on! You can do it! Give it a try!
    • Go on. It's worth a shot!
    • Go for it! Just do it! What have you got to lose?
    • Give it your best! / Give it a shot! / Give it your best shot!
    • You're brave and strong. You can do it!
    • Don't worry. Everything will be fine!
    • Take a deep breath and keep going. It's just a bad day!
    • Don't stop now. Just remember how far you've come.
    • It's just a setback, not a reason to give up.
    • Keep going. The time you put in really shows now!
    • Keep at it! You're making such progress!
    • You've got what it takes! Try just one more time!
    • That's a good effort. Keep up the good work!
    • That's a real improvement. Well done!
    • No doubt about it're on the right track!
    • You're bound to succeed – there’s so little competition!
    • You're better than ever - you've improved so much!
    • You're doing an amazing job!
    • You're going to impress everyone!
    • That's first class work. Keep going!
    • Believe me, you're going to make the difference!
    • Great work! You're going to outdo yourself!
    • You’re nearly there! You’re almost there! That’s nearly it!
    • One more time and you'll have it!
    • Keep working on it. You're improving all the time!
    • You're getting better every day!
    • You're better than ever!
    • You're going to love your success!
    • I really like your approach.
    • I'm really impressed. You've earned my respect.
    • You make it look so easy!
    • Unbelievable! You're a natural!
    • The whole team is 100% behind you.
    • We're all cheering for you!
    • No matter what happens we're on your side.
    • Go ahead. It's a good opportunity. You've got my backing.
    • If you need any help you can count on me.
    • Do what you think is best. I'll support you either way.
    • That was a cracking performance!
    • Your performance was phenomenal!
    • Your achievement sets the bar very high!
    • That's a rare accomplishment!
    • Excellent contribution!/ Great job!/ Well done!
    • Nice one! / Nice work! / Great stuff!
    • I'm so proud of you. I knew you had it in you!

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