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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'DOWN'
from:  'down and out'   to:  '(take) down a notch'

Expression Meaning Example
Down and out Have no money, no home and little hope of improving the situation "There are many down-and-outs sleeping a short distance from the wealthiest area."
Down at heel Someone whose appearance is untidy or neglected because of lack of money "The down-at-heel student I first met became a successful writer."
Down for the count Unable to continue; beaten (like, for example, a boxer) "Tommy won the match. He left his opponent down for the count."
Down in the dumps Depressed or feeling gloomy "Alex has been down in the dumps since he failed his exam."
(Go) down in flames Fail spectacularly and disastrously "The project went down in flames because it was funded by illegally-obtained money."
Down in the mouth Showing visible signs of unhappiness "You look a bit down in the mouth. What's the matter?"
Down on one's luck Experiencing misfortune, especially financial difficulties "Mark has been down on his luck this last while."
Down payment Part of the total amount agreed when signing a purchase "Emma and Paul put a down payment on their first house yesterday."
Down the drain Waste or lose money, time or energy "His years of research went down the drain when the company went bankrupt."
Down the hatch! Drink up! Swallow something, usually an alcoholic drink "Jack raised his glass and said 'down the hatch!' to the group celebrating."
Down to earth A realistic and practical person who has sensible reactions "Don't ask Suzy for help. She's fun, but not very down to earth."
Down to the ground Perfectly or entirely "The arrangement suits me down to the ground."
Down to the wire Until the last minute; to the very end "There's nothing as exciting as watching a game that goes down to the wire."
(Take someone) down a notch Damage someone's ego or make them more humble "I'm glad he lost the match. That'll take him down a notch!"

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