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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions for describing people

Expression Meaning
BIG MOUTH Unable to keep a secret
BRIGHT SPARK Lively, intelligent with clever ideas (or appears so)
BUSYBODY An interfering person who takes great interest in other people's private lives.
CHATTERBOX Very talkative person
CHEAPSKATE A mean or miserly person who hates to spend money
COLD FISH Distant; hard-hearted; unemotional
DAREDEVIL Does dangerous things and takes risks
DARK HORSE Secretive about themselves or their abilities
DOWN-TO-EARTH Sensible, realistic and unpretentious
EAGER BEAVER Hardworking, enthusiastic and keen to please
FAT CAT Rich, powerful and self-satisfied person
GO-GETTER Very energetic and eager to succeed
GOLDEN BOY Very popular
HAPPY CAMPER Content and satisfied; has no complaints
JOINED AT THE HIP Two inseparable people, exceptionally close to each other
LIVE WIRE Highly vivacious and full of enthusiasm
LONE WOLF Independent; prefers to do things alone
LOOSE CANNON Has unpredictable and irresponsible behaviour
NERD Very keen on technology, especially computers
NIGNT OWL Lively and active at night, and goes to bed late
PARTY ANIMAL Likes to attend parties often
ROTTEN APPLE Dishonest/immoral; bad influence on others
ROUGH DIAMOND Has many qualities but is unrefined or lacks education
SHRINKING VIOLET Very timid or shy
SOCIAL BUTTERFLY Likes to flit from one social event to another
SOCIAL CLIMBER Tries to get accepted into a higher social class
TROUBLE-MAKER Habitually causes difficulties for others
WET BLANKET So lacking in enthusiasm that they prevent others from enjoying themselves