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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'COME'
from:  'come apart'  to:  'come what may'

Expression Meaning Example
Come apart at the seams Be extremely upset or under severe mental stress "Bob has had so many problems. He's coming apart at the seams."
Come to a bad end End in disaster "If that boy doesn't change his ways, he'll come to a bad end."
Come to blows Start to fight "The participants in the debate almost came to blows."
Come clean Tell the truth "The boy was advised to come clean and say what happened."
Come to the crunch Become critical and a decision has to be made "I'm short of money. If it comes to the crunch, I'll sell my car"
Come to grief End in failure "The plan for a park came to grief when a housing development was voted.."
Come to grips Understand and deal with a problem "The patient began to come to grips with his disability."
Come in handy Be useful some time "Those old shelves may come in handy one day."
Come to a head Reach a point where action must be taken "The conflict came to a head yesterday when rioting broke out."
Come hell or high water Do something whatever difficulties are encountered "Come hell or high water, I'll get there in time for the meeting."
Come into one's own Obtain rightful recognition of your ability or talent "The talented pianist has at last come into his own."
Come in all shapes and sizes Many different types are available "Armchairs come in all shapes and sizes."
Come to light Be revealed, exposed or become known "New evidence has come to light to help with the enquiry."
Come to the point Start talking about the important issue "After a long introduction, he finally came to the point."
Come rain or shine No matter what the weather or other circumstances may be "My parents go walking every morning, come rain or shine."
Come to your senses Start to think clearly and behave sensibly "He finally came to his senses and dropped the idea of buying a sports car."
Come up in the world Be richer than before and have a higher social status "My old school friend has come up in the world since we were kids!"
Come up roses The situation turns out well in spite of the difficulties "After several lost matches, everything now seems to be coming up roses for the player."
Come up trumps Achieve unexpectedly good results "Our team came up trumps in the cup final."
Come with the territory Has to be accepted as part of the job "All actors have to expect media coverage - it comes with the territory!"
Come out of the woodwork Appear out of nowhere "When we added the swimming pool, our children had 'friends' coming out of the woodwork!"
Come what may No matter what happens "Come what may, I'm going to tell the manager what I think."

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