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 English Vocabulary for learners 

Expressions with 'AS'
from:  'as a result'  to:  'as yet'

Expression Meaning Example
As a result consequently "My car broke down. As a result I was late for the meeting."
As a whole entirely “It is better to learn the expression as a whole without separating the words.”
As ever as usual “I thought Sam would be annoyed but he was as friendly as ever.”
As far as to the distance, extent, or degree that “She carried the suitcase as far as she could before stopping to rest.”
“Lunch is included, as far as I know.”
As for with regard to
(used when mentioning something else)
“The hotel was uncomfortable. As for the food, that wasn’t great either.”
As if / as though with the appearance of “The woman acted as if / as though she owned the shop.”
As is as it is/as they are;
in the present state or condition
“All discounted goods are sold as is, with no exchanges.”
As long as provided; on condition that… “You can borrow the dictionary as long as you put it back when you’ve finished.”
As of now / as of Monday etc. starting now; from this date on As of now we must use the new email address.”
As soon as when; as early/quickly as possible “Call me as soon as you receive the report.”
As to about; with respect to; concerning) “No information has been received as to when the project might start.”
As well in addition
- usually used at the end of a clause.
“We can visit the museum and have lunch as well.
As well as too; in addition to “It was surprising that Jimmy was invited as well as Alex.”
As yet until and including this moment “We have not received confirmation as yet.”
“We are not taking on extra staff as yet, but our needs may change in the future.”