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 English Vocabulary for learners 

expressions for making and accepting apologies.

Finding the words to make or accept an apology in English is not always easy for learners.
Here are some phrases and expressions to help you.

  • APOLOGIES: making and accepting apologies 

    1. Making an apology
      • I must apologise for ...
      • I'm terribly sorry for ...
      • Please accept my apoligies for ...
      • Excuse me for ... I'm so sorry.
      • Please forgive me for ...
      • I'm really ashamed of what I did.
      • I'd like to apologise for ...
      • I'm really sorry about what I said.
      • It's my fault. I shouldn't have ...
      • I owe you an apology for ...
      • I'm so embarrassed. I didn't mean to ...
      • That was rude of me. I'm sorry.
      • I hope you'll forgive me for ...

    2. Accepting an apology
      • There's no need. It's ok.
      • Forget about it. No harm done.
      • That's all right. It doesn't matter.
      • It's ok. Don't worry about it.
      • Never mind. I quite understand.
      • It's ok. You couldn't help it.
      • There's no need to. It's all right.
      • You're forgiven. It's ok.
      • Forget about it. I understand.
      • There's no need. Don't worry about it.
      • Never mind. It's forgotten already.
      • That's all right. Apology accepted!
      • Don't worry. You're forgiven!